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BRIO 63602500 BRIO Police and Fire Brigade Set Deluxe

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Fire alarm for the emergency services in BRIO World: While the large fire engine is approaching the source of the fire, the fire brigade helicopter takes off with a large load of water. The motorcycle policeman moves out of the police station, and the ambulance also leaves the emergency garage as a precaution with lights and an alarm siren. Contents: 1 fire engine, 1 wagon, 1 water tank with magnet, 1 fire engine helicopter, 1 ambulance with light and sound, 1 police motorcycle, 1 police station with jail, 1 ambulance garage, 1 loading crane with helipad, 3 figures, 4 ramps , 1 level crossing, 2 curved ramps, 2 rocks, 14 rails Warning according to toy regulation not required. IMPORTANT! Batteries should only be used and replaced by adults. Use only recommended batteries of the same or equivalent type. Never attempt to recharge batteries that are not designed for this purpose. Rechargeable batteries should only be recharged under adult supervision. Never use different battery types at the same time. Do not mix old and new batteries. Insert the batteries with the correct polarity. Please remove exhausted batteries from the toy immediately. The poles must not be short-circuited. If the toy is not going to be used for a long time, please always remove the batteries. Dispose of used batteries and discarded electrical and electronic products at an approved collection point in an environmentally friendly manner. These products must not be disposed of with household waste. Protect the toy from moisture and moisture.

Warning according to the toy regulation not required.