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About Us

It used to be so much more exciting to shop online than it is today, because then you could always ask yourself: "Will the package come?", "Will it look like it does in the shop?", "Who do I contact in case of problems?'' or ,,Can I find my product at all?''

Today, however, we are writing a much more modern year in which such questions are rarely asked. Why is this the case?

Correct: Because there are now online shops like ours here.

Our online shop velora-toys offers a wide variety of products and delivers them quickly to your home. Everything is here for you, because we offer a huge selection of all kinds of articles. After all, we work with the well-known brands Playmobil, Schleich, Depesche, Staedtler, BRIO and SIKU .

You will notice that our focus in this online shop is primarily on toys and stationery for large and small, young and old, but our company also deals in cosmetics, durable food and other products.

We are adapting to our times, which are becoming more and more modern and in which everything is becoming more automated, thus offering you a service that delivers rare products cheaply, safely and quickly and that will surely satisfy you.

Are you looking for a new marker that you can't find anywhere? Surely we have one for you here and you can also contact us at any time without any problems by e-mail or via our chat.