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Playmobil- die Themenwelten

Playmobil - the theme worlds

At that time, Geobra produced large-format plastic articles (e.g. children's furniture). Horst Brandstätter dared to launch PLAYMOBIL figures in 1974. These consumed fewer resources of the expensive raw material.

To date, Playmobil has developed numerous themes and their areas. In fact, there are quite a lot of characters that almost everyone knows, such as Asterix and Obelix, that really only existed as cartoon characters.

Playmobil changed that and has since made their figures a must-have.


1.2.3. aimed at young children. Usually only the head and arms can be rotated. Accessories have been reduced to the bare essentials to avoid choking. The sets are designed in great detail and children can learn while playing. With larger figures and a colorful design, this product line is aimed at children aged 1.5 years.


This is about city life: going shopping, getting married, various residential buildings, daycare, kindergarten and hospital. The sets are designed in great detail and cover almost everything you can find in the city.


City Action brings exciting fun into the children's room. Coast guard, SEK, police and fire brigade are housed in different sets and vehicles. Fast-paced gameplay featuring characters in professions working around town amidst the adventurous scenes.


Castle dragons, lion and dragon knights are waiting for exciting duels. With the right equipment and great castles, a battle between good and evil ensues.

PLAYMOBIL sports and action

Ice hockey, football, racing drivers and smaller features such as the Top Agents Pull String Flyer make the game lively and action-packed with the colorful sets. The playsets are suitable for children aged 5 and over.

PLAYMOBIL family fun

Everything that makes fun! Excursions with the family to the leisure or aqua park, holiday sets and various vehicles complete the colorful sets of the Family Fun range. Age recommendation is for children from 4 to 10 years.


The enchanting Magic world includes mermaids, ice princesses, a phoenix and the magical crystal gate between the spring and winter worlds and invites you to fantastic adventures.


Farm, horse farm, forestry and agriculture are taken up as themes in Country. The peaceful and cute designed sets are aimed at children from 4 to 10 years.


Wild animals in the savannah, safari and even an ark. Wild Life is all about the colorful wildlife of the world. The line is aimed at children from 4 years of age.


Whether it's Christmas baking or the Three Kings: PLAYMOBIL Christmas includes playsets all about the beautiful Christmas season. The sets can be used as decoration as well as for playing.


Already from the first Dreamworks films Dragons (How to Train Your Dragon) there were suitable playsets for Hiccup and Toothless. With the new film comes new playsets, such as the day shadow or small dragons.

PLAYMOBIL dinosaurs

With cool dinosaurs and exciting sets, monster action comes into the children's room. Basecamps and various vehicles complement this product line.

PLAYMOBIL Mercedes, Volkswagen, Mini Cooper, Porsche and Austin Martin

The famous and incredible car brands are now in detailed miniature form with drivers! Austin Martin is even on the road with his James Bond. These Playmobil wagons exceed expectations.

There are other categories with unique collections.


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