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Schleich: Über die Grenzen der Fantasie

Schleich: Beyond the Limits of Imagination

When you think of Schleich, you also think of small, painted figures. Some only collect animals, others buildings or dinosaurs, but beyond these more realistic figures, which are educationally valuable to teach the youngest members of society what animals really look like, there is the mystical world.

Fantastic beings and where to find them

Table of contents:

  1. mythical creatures
  2. comic world
  3. dinosaur
  4. questions and answers

mythical creatures

Creatures from stories that can be beautiful and delicate, but also dangerous and powerful. In different collections there is a limitless selection of all sorts of mythical creatures .

BAYALA® is the name of the world of elves, unicorns, fairies, fantastic princesses and magic.

ELDRADOR® CREATURES takes you into a world of hellhounds, shadow dragons, magical swords and brave fighters.

The variety is therefore limitless, as well as the detailed elaboration and the design of the figures is beautiful. There is something for everyone; completely independent of gender.

Schleich's comic world

True to detail and almost real: Characters that you otherwise only read about in comics or that you only saw on television are now tangible in small figures.

With their help you can hold your heroes in your hands and experience adventures.

THE SMURFS are small blue creatures fighting against the evil wizard Gargamel. Cat, Smurfette, Papa Smurf... - Schleich created each character magically.

Before humans: dinosaurs

Whether carnivores or herbivores: with the exciting play figures from this dinosaur world, excitement is guaranteed. Some dinosaur figures even have a hinged lower jaw. So it looks like they can actually eat.

All that remains of the giants before our time are bones and fossils. We don't know 100% what they looked like, but you can still get an idea and an idea from the dinosaurs in Schleich.

questions and answers

Where are Schleich figures made?

Schleich figures are made of high-quality plastic. The figures are produced in Germany, Romania, Moldova, Tunisia and China. The ingredients and production processes are the same at all locations, so the quality is always identical.

What material is used to make Schleich toys?

Different types of plastic are used to make Schleich figures. These include: PVC, TPE and ABS. The products are completely safe to play with and are resistant to saliva, sweat and abrasion.

How do you recognize a Schleich figure?

Schleich figures have an engraving in a place that is not directly visible so that the play value is not lost. The country of manufacture, company name and the CE mark can be found here.

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