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Schleich 42567 horse farm

Original price €109,99 - Original price €109,99
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€109,99 - €109,99
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The new horse farm is the heart of your Horse Club collection! Loads of new features! A new, open design space offers plenty of space to play. The design is now modular, so the playset can be built in many different ways. More than 50 accessories for limitless fun! The equestrian center makes the hearts of Horse Club fans beat faster!

Awaken! The morning at the farm is quite hectic, but you and your girlfriend have already planned everything. At your little slumber party you told each other the most wonderful stories and then snuggled up in your warm sleeping bags, giggling softly, so as not to wake up your horse friends. But now it's morning and you both hurry down the stairs to embark on a new adventure.

DANGER! Suitable for children under 3 years, no labeling required