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Ravensburger 27617 GraviTrax Jumper

Original price €13,99 - Original price €13,99
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€13,99 - €13,99
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The GraviTrax Jumper is an extension of the interactive GraviTrax ball track system: With GraviTrax, children not only build simple ball tracks, but also create entire ball track worlds. The jumper lifts the ball to a higher level and at the same time creates a passage tunnel. Together with a starter set (also GraviTrax PRO), more balls can pass the stone without being put back. With the GraviTrax Jumper, children can plan, try out and implement even more exciting routes - this way GraviTrax never gets boring and always remains a great pastime and ideal activity For childrenThere are no limits to creativity with this construction toy: Simply combine the jumper with a GraviTrax starter set (also GraviTrax PRO) and ensure even more action in the marble run worlds you have created yourself. As a MINT toy, the GraviTrax Jumper makes gravity a playful experience and is the ideal one Birthday present, Christmas present or Easter present for children who want to expand or redesign their marble runs

Warning according to the toy regulation not required.