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Ravensburger 26816 GraviTrax Pro Vertical

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With the GraviTrax PRO Vertical extension, children from 8 years of age can go high when building a ball track. The Vertical extension makes it possible to easily place elements on the track exactly where you need them and save height blocks. Courses can be flexibly built in several levels above and below each other and through individual columns. In addition, the bullet can pass through tunnels in the transparent walls. Combined with a GraviTrax starter set, this opens up many new possibilities. How high can you build with the Vertical extension?GraviTrax is an interactive ball track system for boys and girls from the age of 8: With GraviTrax, children don't just build simple ball tracks, they create entire ball track worlds. The construction plans contained in the starter set make it easier to get started, after which there are no limits to creativity. By freely designing the ball tracks and exploring the rolling behavior of the balls, the understanding of science is sharpened and gravity can be experienced up close. The STEM symbol on Ravensburger products signals a game category in which science can be experienced in a playful way. STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) corresponds to the German MINT (mathematics, computer science, natural sciences, technology). With various extensions, children can enlarge their marble runs and design them again and again - long-lasting fun guaranteed.GraviTrax PRO Vertical is an extension of the interactive marble run system GraviTrax: With GraviTrax children not only build simple marble runs, but create entire marble run worlds.The vertical set makes it possible to Place elements in the track even more flexibly. Combined with a starter set (also white pack), routes can be built on several levels above and below each other and through pillars. With the Vertical extension, children can plan, try out and implement even more exciting routes - GraviTrax never gets boring and always stays that way a great pastime and the ideal activity for children. There are no limits to creativity with this construction toy: Simply combine the vertical set with a GraviTrax starter set (also white pack) and ensure even more action in the self-created marble run worlds MINT toys make gravity a playful experience with the GraviTrax Vertical set and is the ideal birthday present, Christmas present or Easter present for children who want to expand or redesign their marble runs.

Danger. Not suitable for children under 36 months. Small ball(s). choking hazard.