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Playmobil 71057 Wiltopia - Orangutan

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Like chimpanzees and gorillas, orangutans belong to the ape family. They like to cuddle, clean and groom each other's fur, play pranks, argue and fight - just like us humans. Orangutans are very inventive and can even make instruments and tools. For example, they use sticks as spears to catch fish. The apes build their nests high up in the trees. There they are well protected from predators. The Wiltopia play world from PLAYMOBIL invites children to discover exciting regions of our world that are worthy of protection and their numerous animal inhabitants, and combines play and learning in a unique way. The PLAYMOBIL play set contains an organ utan, a liana, four bananas and an animal knowledge card. The monkey can tilt its head up and down and move its arms and legs individually. For that extra portion of knowledge The Wiltopia web app offers additional great audio and video content and takes children right into the animals' habitat. Simply scan the QR code on the animal collection card and the detailed animal and plant world will come home. With the AR feature, a selfie with the orangutan is also possible. This is how knowledge transfer works with fun and a learning effect. Wiltopia - Wonderful for the environment Wiltopia is the first PLAYMOBIL product range that consists of more than 80% sustainable material on average. Sorted out plastic waste is given a new life and serves as a source of material for this extraordinary game world. This saves resources and, above all, the environment. Of course, all Wiltopia products meet the usual high safety standards and the proven PLAYMOBIL quality and durability.

DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts choking hazard