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Playmobil 70641 Burnham Raiders Lightship

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The fight for the magic armor Invincibus continues. But the adventure does not only take place on the mainland. The Burnham Raiders are also extremely dangerous on the water with their agile lightship. If an enemy approaches, the cannons are brought into position in a flash. If the ship gets close enough, the cunning Burnham Raiders will extend their bow sickle and use it as a grappling hook. Hot-headed Bayron Burnham is in charge aboard the ship. The pyromaniac warlord is now studying the magical compass to learn the coordinates of the Invincibus. Will the compass lead the Burnham Raiders to their destination? The playset includes the leader of the Burnham Raiders Bayron Burnham and Archibald Blazebow, a lightship with firing cannons, kite sails and a magic compass. The sickle at the bow of the ship can be used either as a ramming protection or as a grappling hook. The ship can be upgraded with a submersible motor (7350).

DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts choking hazard