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Playmobil 71024 Sal'ahari Sands - Scorpion Hunt at the Wreck

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Using the remains of a shipwreck, inventor Dario and the desert people's scorpion hunter have built a makeshift workshop in the desert of Sal'ahari Sands. Now the two are tinkering together with the poison of the scorpions. Their goal is to develop poison darts that they can use against the skeleton army. At her side fights a tamed giant scorpion, which puts all attackers to flight. The large scorpion's venom stinger can be filled with water, which can then be squeezed out again by squeezing. A clamp-on saddle allows a character to ride on the scorpion's back. The cannons have sponge bullets. Product Details: - The workshop is equipped with many accessories such as a pinwheel, lookout and work table with various tools. - The pivoting cannon can be loaded with the new sponge bullets. If the projectile is submerged in water, it will drop water splashes on impact. - The upper area of ​​the workshop is covered by an awning and can be reached via the stone staircase or the ladder. - There is room for the big scorpion in the cave. - The scorpion has movable arms and can open the lower scissors.

DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts choking hazard