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Playmobil 6927 Pony Farm

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The three ponies are housed in a single and a double box. The stable doors lead out into the large playpen, which can be set up flexibly with the gate fence. The attic offers plenty of space for fodder and straw. With many accessories. Dimensions: at least (because the fence is flexible) 29 x 30 x 23 cm (LxDxH). Can be combined with: 6474 Pony farm stable extension - Due to two different types of halters, it is possible to either walk or ride the ponies. - The wheelbarrow can only be used by child figures. - The gate fence can be set up flexibly. - A ladder leads to the hayloft, which is used to store fodder and straw. - There is a feed rack on the side of both stable boxes, into which the feed for the ponies is placed. - There are many hooks and holders in and around the building to store buckets, brooms, pitchforks, halters, reins and other accessories. - The two front stable doors of the single box can be closed and opened independently of each other. - All barn doors on the front can only be opened outwards. - The stable doors on the back can be opened inwards and outwards. - The swallow gets to the nest and its young swallow through a small gap in the side roof. - Only children's figures can ride the ponies bareback. Further information Figures: 1 woman, 1 girl, 1 boy; Animals: 3 ponies, 2 cats, 2 mice, 1 swallow, 1 young swallow; Accessories: 1 stable with 2 boxes, 7 fence elements, 6 fence connectors, 1 ladder, 1 carrying box, 1 straw bale, 1 vegetable tray, 1 horse accessories set, 6 pieces, 2 buckets, 3 halters, 2 cords with handles, 1 rein, 1 small Pond with flowers and shrub, 3 haystacks, 1 grain sack, 1 broom, 1 pitchfork, 2 children's riding helmets, 1 shovel, 1 rake, 3 apples, 1 set of tomatoes, 1 swallow's nest, 2 turnips, 1 red turnip, 1 bundle of grass, 1 set bandages Dimensions approx. (LxDxH) cm: 29-37 x 30-42 x 23.5 Recommended from 4 years.

DANGER! Not suitable for children under 3 years of age due to small parts choking hazard