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Toddys by siku: Förderung von Kleinkindern

Toddys by siku: Promotion of small children

Siku is a German toy manufacturer with a long tradition, here you get very well thought-out models from different toy genres. It doesn't matter whether it's farming, construction sites or city life, Siku has the right models for every area of ​​interest.

Here you can find information on the popular toddies that are said to drive the development of a toddler.

Off to Toddys Town, the world of funny, changeable toddys and countless ways to play!

But how should the characters encourage a child?

Very simple: Toddys consist of several large parts that can be assembled in different ways. The vehicle parts can be easily combined using a simple twist-and-plug system, thereby promoting the child's motor skills.

They keep discovering new ways of playing and combining: the little ones have a lot of fun grasping the figures with all their senses and letting them roll, the big ones let off steam while converting the vehicles and can let their imaginations run free with role-playing games let go

Does my child learn anything? 

The toddys are versatile and bring a lot of learning fun with them. Toddys have been specially developed for children from 18 or 24 months and offer age-appropriate support that accompanies the individual development process. Not only motor skills are promoted, creativity and learning ability can also increase.

Why Toddy's?

With the help of the toddys, children can completely immerse themselves in their own world: you can hear them growling, hissing, tooting and talking. Because every toddy has its own face, its character and has unique designs and great colors.

In addition, they are safe, versatile and entertaining for both boys and girls. They bring quality, stability and compatibility to the big world of building blocks. What more do you want?

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