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Lerne die TOPModels kennen!

Get to know the TOPModels!

Anyone who knows TOPModel from Depesche also knows that you can live out your artistic skills in many different ways.

But who are these models who can be seen on the pencil case, or who are used to invent the latest designs?

Here are 7 of Depesche's 14 TOPModels


Candy is a little romantic who loves delicate and playful things. She has a little pug that was a gift from her parents and she spends a lot of time with it. Her best friends and roommates Fergie, Christy, Sasha and Lizzy like to organize girls' nights in their flat and have a lot of fun doing it. She has a boyfriend named Jon and her biggest dream is a big wedding in a castle. She can't stand animal cruelty.

Since she is a very dreamy and lovely person, her nickname among models is ''The Dreamy One''.


This model loves all things beauty and fashion and loves to go shopping! Most of all, she loves to shop for shoes (she must have over 100 pairs of shoes by now!), but she also loves trying on clothes. Apart from everything that glitters, she loves her little Chihuahua Bisou and takes him everywhere in her purse. She lives with her BFFs Candy, Fergie, Sasha and Lizzy in a stylish flat share and her nickname is "The IT Girl".


It never gets boring with this model because she is very brave and really self-confident! She likes to try new things and loves to do crazy things. She always styles her hair differently and would like to fly to the moon. Her BFFs are Christy, Candy, Sasha and Lizzy because she can have the craziest fun with them. Her nickname is 'the crazy one'.


She loves to plan and is a great organizational talent! She loves her job as a model and is very ambitious. Her career is her main hobby, but she enjoys acting every now and then. Hayden is very reliable and always there for her friends. She also loves to travel and would like to see the whole world. Her nickname is 'The Ambitious'.


Janet is very confident and is open about what she thinks. Many think that she is bitchy. But that's not true! Her friends can always count on her. She enjoys designing jewelry and loves elegant fashion. Her nickname is "the confident one".


She is loud, determined - and sometimes not so easy. But no problem for her friends: in a double pack, the twins are a great asset for the flat share! Jill can't see very well at all and has to wear glasses – but nobody really wants to know that. That's why she wears contact lenses most of the time. She differs from her sister June in having a birthmark under her left eye. Her nickname is "the cheeky".


Although Talita is the smallest TOP model, she has the most temperament. She is a talented dancer and always comes up with brilliant choreographies. When she was booked as a dancer for a music video, she met her boyfriend David on the set - and fell in love immediately. Her nickname is "the dance fan".

These were now 7 of the 14 models. If you are interested in the other 7 models, you are welcome to take a look at the official TOPModel website.

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